To request (after maintenance verification) please follow the steps:

1- Login or create a new account.

2- From entity management, select register new entity.

3- Register/add branches (if available).

4- From measurement tools management, register/add the number of tools (in use).

After registration of tools is complete, it is required to set the tools out of service.

5- Request maintenance permission from maintenance permission request.

After receiving the approval from Taqyees, please proceed and request (after maintenance verification).


The rejected measuring instrument must be serviced and a verification request made after maintenance via a standardization platform

Each scale has a specific accuracy class from the manufacturer, and requires an accuracy class (II) for the scale used in gold shops and an accuracy class (III) for the scale used in other fields (such as food markets). : Technical requirements for non-automatic scales.

- Periodic verification is carried out for pumps or scales currently used in the market.
- Initial verification is carried out on measuring instruments for which a national model has been approved.
- Verification after maintenance is carried out on measuring instruments that are rejected in the periodic verification or that need maintenance before the end of the metrological labels period.

The National Standardization and Calibration Program (Taqyees) was launched by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization within the National Transformation Program 2020, and it is concerned with legal metrological control, operation and supervision of legal calibration operations and services in the Kingdom, including verification of the calibration of measuring instruments.

It is a temporary certificate granted to the facility until the application is processed by the field verification team. You can request the certificate by sending an email entitled “Registration Certificate Request” with the details of the application to pv@taqyees.sa

You can obtain the tax invoice by logging into your account in the Taqyees portal and reviewing the application details.